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What is premises liability?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Some accidents can cause significant or debilitating injury. When an injury occurs due to an incident on another’s property, it is important to consider the circumstances and determine whether another person, company or property owner caused the accident, whether by purposeful action or negligence.

Property owners maintain the responsibility to keep their property safe and free from hazards that could result in an accident or harm to those invited to their premises. In the event of an accident on someone else’s property, injured parties may pursue a premises liability claim if applicable.

Accidents and injuries

Premises liability refers to the responsibility of a company or property owner to provide a safe area for their guests. If measures to clear hazards, maintain equipment and fixtures, perform repairs or provide adequate security are minimal or absent entirely, visitors’ safety is at risk.

Common accidents that occur on another’s premises include:

  • Slips and falls due to slick walkways or obstacles
  • Equipment accidents, including elevator or escalator malfunctions
  • Animal aggression or assault, such as dog bites
  • Disasters caused by defective property conditions, such as stairway, handrail or flooring defects
  • Assaults or robberies due to ineffective or deficient security measures

These accidents cause injuries that range from moderate to severe, requiring significant, ongoing medical attention in some cases.


Property owners must care properly for their space and all those who visit their premises. If a property owner demonstrates negligence through unaddressed hazards, improper maintenance, inadequate hiring practices or inattention to dangerous conditions, they may be liable for any injuries that occur due to neglect or oversight.