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Seeking Justice For Sexual Abuse Survivors

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused, you require an experienced attorney to explain your legal options and deserve a compassionate legal ally to help you get through this difficult time. At Levin, Riback & Adelman, we can meet both needs. We know that filing a sexual abuse civil claim against an abuser or an organization responsible for allowing the abuse can be intimidating.

Having represented countless sexual abuse victims in Chicago and Arizona, our attorneys understand how you feel about the legal process. When you retain our firm, we will support you in every way necessary in order to help you get the compensation you deserve for the harm that was done to you.

Supportive, Compassionate Representation

Trusting someone you haven’t met with your personal situation can be overwhelming, which is why we make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire legal process. From the moment you walk into our office, our only interest is helping you to feel safe in entrusting us with your case.

We handle all of our cases with the utmost discretion. The last thing that our attorneys would want to do is push you or your family into circumstances that exacerbate the situation. Our ultimate goal is to understand what you and your family desire as a resolution. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure we design a plan that addresses your concerns and meets your family’s needs.

During This Difficult Time, We Are Here For You

The experienced lawyers of Levin, Riback & Adelman, are committed to helping you achieve a just verdict and recover the compensation you deserve. To discuss your case in confidence, call our office in Chicago, Illinois, or Phoenix, Arizona, at 312-815-7383. You can also request a free consultation online.