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Achieving Justice For Survivors Of Priest Abuse

Sexual abuse is never acceptable, though it can feel especially heinous when the act is committed by someone you should be able to trust and respect. In situations of clergy abuse, this is especially true. Priests should act as a moral compass and guide their parishioners with truth and wisdom.

The Chicago, Illinois, and Phoenix, Arizona, law firm of Levin, Riback & Adelman, has helped many people who have survived sexual abuse at the hands of a priest, member of the clergy or other representative of the church to seek justice and hold their abusers to account in civil court.

You Are Not Alone — We Can Help

No one who has committed abuse, especially those who hold positions of power, should be able to get away with these actions. We will do whatever possible to hold these individuals responsible, providing compassion and support to you throughout the process while fiercely standing up for your rights in court.

Whether your situation involves the abuse of a child or an adult, you likely have many questions about making a civil compensation claim. Our attorneys can help you to understand any issues related to priest abuse, such as statutes of limitations, burden of proof, or any other details regarding your ability to file a sexual abuse lawsuit against an individual or an organization.

While your case is unique to you, we have helped people in similar situations stand up to their abusers and achieve justice — and with our team-based approach to litigation, you can trust that our entire firm is behind you and your family in this fight.

Hold Those Responsible To Account — Contact Levin, Riback & Adelman

We are committed to protecting your interests and helping you to pursue a just outcome to your case through compassionate, considerate and effective legal representation. Speak to an experienced and approachable lawyer in confidence about your case by calling 312-815-7383 today. Alternatively, you can send us a message online to request a free consultation.